Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The results are in...

The poll -

Well I bet Lorraine Keane, who had a time of 1:23:14
And I bet Aisling O'Loughlin, who got it in 1:20 she tells me
And I'm confused about Glenda. She told me she walked it but then I searched for her name through the results and it says that she got a time of 1:02...so is there another Glenda Gilson in Ireland??? Perhaps.
Sinead Kissane got it in 58 minutes, and Siobhan in 59 - fair play to both of them! Under the hour...my initial target. Oh well!

So there you go. I came in two thousanth, four hundred, and eighty second place out of 40,374 entrants. So that puts me in what...the top 6% I reckon. Not too bad for a first-timer.

My competitor Christine wasn't listed.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I managed to finish it

The state of me.

Me and my sister Lorraine...who found me sitting down with three bottles of water within a few minutes of finishing the race.

Here's me and the medal. Note the two bottles of water at hand - the race was a killer. For some reason they had no water until the 7k mark. It was a rather uncomfortable run...the heat made me feel pretty ill. I was just glad to finish it in the end - I think I did it in a time of around an hour seven or eight minutes. I think it was around 2 minutes or 3 minutes in before I got to the start line and then I crossed at around 1:09:46 or something like that.

The last supper

I am so freaking nervous. Jittery. Gahhhhhh! And the bloody weather outside ain't helping matters. Nerves. Nerves. Nerves.

I'm not wearing what I was going to wear - jogging pants...but have opted for shorts instead. Shorts which I haven't trained in - Gah! It's just too hot to wear jogging pants I think. Or maybe I should wear them. I just DON'T KNOW! I ran for 10 minutes in them and they seem okayish.

What is really uncomfortable is the suncream on me. I hate that oily feeling - and especially when I'll be inevitably hot and sweaty when I run. I do smell like a coconut though.

Above is my breakfast - three weetabix. Stick to what you know. Gonna head off into town for the group photo in about 20 minutes. I might do a google search now for immediate nerves relief.

My knee also is not fully better. I've a feeling I may not be able to walk for a week after this race. Best of luck to Fla in the 40k run in Cork. He's also shitting a brick about the weather.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

:::ALERT:::Stock photo, stock photo, stock photo

Because if you join Jackie Skelly gym, you will automatically feel yourself catapulted into the sky and right angle your body in as many places possible.

Creepy kid in Family Fitness festival

I can't put my finger on it. It could be the wide eyes and karate hand. Maybe it's a perfectly normal photo and I'm the odd one out.

I have a lot of recycling to do

This is the list of stuff that was in the bag handed to us at registration. I feel like I'm doing a case study on women's marketing.

  1. A tin of John West Tuna
  2. Flora Actimel
  3. Velvet Crunch - only 83 calories - crisps. Can they really be defined as crisps if they only stack up 83 calories in a packet? Hardly...
  4. Granola bars
  5. Colgate Enamel protect toothpaste
  6. Nestle Raisin oats & more cereal - hello, I'll be eating you for breakfast
  7. A red lollypop - without a single bit of marketing on it. Excellent!
  8. John West 60c off voucher
  9. Party Feet blister plaster
  10. Scholl heal repair cream
  11. Johnson's 24 hour moisture extra-rich bodywash
  12. Cif rejuvenation - this product basically cleans anything from chairs to shoes - as demonstrated with a fake sparkle on the cover.
  13. Vaseline aloe fresh hydrating body lotion with aloe & cucumber - a full bottle and not poxy sample size - noice one!
  14. Nivea double effect deodorant - this is basically claiming that it slows underarm hair regrowth as well as that new Dove deodorant. Lies. It's all lies.
  15. Two carefree pantyliners
  16. Raisins and cranberries - yum
  17. A vodafone bag telling me to recycle my old phone so I can help the Irish Heart Foundation. I'm going to use this.
  18. Jackie Skelly 'FREE Guest pass for 2 worth 50 Euro' apparantly. Hidious marketing picture on the flyer. I'll post it up later.
  19. A chance to win a trip to the New York Marathon - If I won it'd keep me training at least.
  20. A flyer telling me to run 10km at 10,000ft in Ethiopia...
  21. Hybernian AVIVA Healthcare flyer
  22. A booklet of vouchers including -
    • 10 Euro off any six week course at 'Just Dance'
    • Voucher for 1.50 off any Johnson's product
    • 75c off Big Al's chicken fillet range
    • 100 Euro off laster treatment at Beacon Dermatology
    • 25 Euro off a weight management assessment
    • 50c off Knorr stock pot
    • 2 for 1 ticket offer for Bloom
    • 35c off Domestos Bleach
    • 30c off Philadelphia minis range
    • Rent any new release for free at Xtra Vision
    • 50c off Dubliner Irish cheese
    • 75c off mixed seeds yoghurt
  23. Migraine association of Ireland info leaflet
  24. 80c off Flora pro-activ
  25. Contraception, fertility and sexual health info for women aged 35 to 55
  26. Fitsquad.ie - I almost signed up for this yesterday. Does anyone want to do it with me???
  27. Nicely designed 'Drink Aware' alcohol and sport info booklet
  28. Discover Ireland 09 magazine
  29. The official women's mini marathon magazine
  30. Flyer for family fitness festival - really creepy picture of a kid running on the inside.
  31. 60c off Flora Buttery
  32. mychild.ie flyer
  33. 3 Euro off Rimmel mascara
  34. Sun 'We have gone green' dishwashing power
  35. Flora Buttery cookbook

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weird marketing strategy for sports bras

Apart from adding on the WTF?, I did no extra photoshopping to this ad. It was in one of the brochures I got in my WWF goody bag. A woman holds a horse while wearing her 'BOUNCE' bra. Because I've seen so many people going out horse riding in sports bras. And her boobs even look weird and gappy.

Hello I'm in an 80s music video

I'm wearing this headband into TV3 on Tuesday after cycling into work.

Here I come ready or not - 16534

Gas! It's 3:28am and I'm just winding down...you'd think I'd be getting energy sleep or something before the race. Anyways, I picked up the race number today at the Women's World Fair out in the RDS. I was ag starvail going out there so was delira to see all the food sample stalls around. I love free stuff. I will always love free stuff.

What I ate at the Women's World Fair [WWF]
Cheese cubes - courtesy of the Dubliner's cheese stand
A Strawberry Muller youghurt - only because there were no chocolate ones left. Everyone in the queue for this stand was looking for chocolate. It's a womans event though - how dare they even consider stocking another flavour other than chocolate at it.
Some sort of light crisps
A square of toast and some Flora butter
A handful of popcorn
A bit of a rice cake with chocolate orange - DELISH!
Flora Pro-Active drink - about three of them to be honest

When I got back into town I met up with a few mates in the park - Happy Birthday Ciaran! And Alan, who is running a proper topper and not a copper out of a marathon, and by that I mean that he's running 40k in Cork on Monday... Well, Alan is on a diet. A diet! A DIET TO ENHANCE HIS RACEY GAME! Damn. I did no diet. And just to prove it, I just had a takeaway - greasy burger and chips to top off another night out this weekend where I didn't drink.

I did my last training session - 5k - this evening. It was grand. I didn't push myself as much as I did on Tuesday. Here come the excuses in anticipation of failing to get a time of under an hour - ever since that run my left knee has been a bit wobbly. It was alright this evening when I was running though - hopefully it won't cause any trouble on the day.

I bought a dodgy looking headband at the WWF. It reads: Will BIKE for WINE. The most poetic thing I have ever read. I'm wearing it in the picture above.

Right. I'm going to bed - but we got goody bags - or rather there was a marketing attack on women out at the RDS. I'll itemise everything on the blog tomorrow. My personal favourite is a flyer advertising sports bras with models posing beside a horse. WHAT???!!!

Up to 667 Euro now with the fundraising - thanks everyone:D DEBRA Ireland will be delighted.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Shout out on Ireland AM this morning

Pity they didn't mention DEBRA Ireland. But the blog got a mention anyways - woo! There's an increasing amount of women out walking and running this week. Unsurprisingly enough. The weather looks set to be awesome...which will probably make the run harder. Oh we Irish can never get enough complaints in about the weather, can we?

I'll post up details of my Monday plans in case anyone wants to come out after. Or indeed come along to support.

I've raised over €600 now - not too shabby. So thanks to everyone for the sponsorship!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

01:02:38 and double vision

I was getting a tad nervous at my desk in work today - merely thinking about the approaching run on Monday. Nervous that I never really all that accurately calculated my training sessions between not knowing exactly what distance I ran and not really keeping track of the time I ran it in.

I've been telling people that I'll be happy if I run it in under an hour. Well, I'm not entirely sure how possible that is for me to do. When I got home from work this evening I embarked on a Google Maps precisely calculated 10k run. From where I live in Drumcondra to the Swords Rd/Collins Ave junction is 2.5k according to reliable Google maps.

So I wanted to run exactly 10k and see how long it took me. I ran as far as the junction, ran back to Drumcondra, back to the junction again, and back home breathless. I really pushed myself in the second 5k. I just seem to be a slow starter I think. The longer I run, the faster I get. I don't know if this is how people normally run long distances. But anyways...I did the run in an hour, two minutes, and 38 seconds. I thought it was alright. But then I looked at last year's race times. Check out what place the runner who got that time I got this evening came in at.

Yes that is one thousand, seven hundred, and sixty ninth place. There were 6300 people in the race. I feel a bit pathetic coming in with a time of over an hour even though I haven't been running that long. And be under no illusion - training has been difficult. I am not a natural runner. I have no air max in me, wha?!

What I listened to as I ran: Hot Chip - Made In The Dark album [2008]

I was going to write more but I'm tired and have been up since 5.20am. I still need to stretch. The effort of it all...

I'll post in another day or two. I have The Women's World Fair in the RDS to look forward to on Saturday. I've to pick up my race number there. Any takers on accompanying me???

Once again - cheers for all the sponsorship.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thank you Bangor Erris

On Saturday morning, bright and early I might add, I headed off for Mayo - I got a lift from Dublin [cheers Tommy!], which made the journey a zillion times more bearable than enduring the confusion of public transport. Which, to be fair, would have probably resulted in me realising I was in Kerry five hours later...or something like that.

I did end up in Belfast when I was supposed to be travelling from Dublin to Sligo after all. Here's the evidence [Pat and Jess weren't around for the photo, sigh]:

Anyway...back to the point - Mayo. There was an anniversary mass for my Aunt - so that's why I, along with some of my cousins, aunts, uncles, were all headed for a place called Bangor Erris in Mayo. A good 45-60 minute drive from Ballina and five hours from Dublin. It's quite a remote place but everyone who lives there follows the open door policy. Preparing for the few of us who were making our way over, we realised that there had been a collective ELEVEN tarts made for our arrival...and this is for about ten or twelve people. Basically my point is that they'll bend over backwards to make you feel comfortable and you'll never go hungry in the town.

As is tradition when extended families meet, you generally end up in a pub. This trip was no exception. I'm trying to be on a no-alcohol policy until after the race next Monday. So I didn't join in in the race of who can buy the next round quicker than anyone else in peripheral view. I knocked back the uisce minus the beatha instead. After a while, there was concern from my Uncle Sean that I wasn't having a drink. I told him that it was because of the training and he asked if I was looking for sponsorship. And the whole thing escalated from there.

The people who were in Kitty's pub in Bangor Erris again bent over backwards with their generousity. There was probably a slight delay in the race for the bar as the race for who could sign my sponsorship card and through some money my way took over.

Within about 10-15 minutes, I had a bulk of notes in my pocket that totalled near 250 Euro in sponsorship for DEBRA Ireland [see the picture at the top of this post]. So I've now surpassed the target of 500 Euro that was automatically set up on mycharity.ie. But why stop there eh? The more money I can collect, the more these people who suffer every day with Epidermolysis Bullosa can get the treatment and care that they need to make their lives a bit more comfortable.

Thanks a million to everyone who sponsored me in Bangor Erris over the weekend. It really is appreciated...and I did head out for that run this morning so it was well worth skipping the drinking session.

The last week of training awaits...and I've to be up in five and a half hours for work. A full week of Britain's Got Talent. Lucky me.

If you'd like to sponsor me online - click here: RIGHT HERE.